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30th June 2019
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17th July 2019

Working with groups: A two-day programme in Sydney

Photo of Alison leading the Working with Group programme in Dublin, May 2019

I’m looking forward to facilitating a development programme over two days in Sydney next February (2020), entitled Working with Groups. The programme is for experienced executive coaches and coaching supervisors, and is run in collaboration with CSA Ltd.

The programme will be experiential, and will allow you to develop your awareness and flexibility of working in groups. We will explore our own processes and concerns about being in groups, and how they may impact on how we show up, how we engage, and how we relate to all the other participants. We’ll be considering issues such as:

How do you feel when you are in a group?

What are your patterns and triggers in groups?

How do you manage yourself when you are coaching, facilitating or supervising?

What roles do you take on, and what roles are projected on to you?

Working with Groups is for experienced executive coaches and coaching supervisors who would like an opportunity to explore and deepen learning and practice, particularly in the group context.

Dates: 3 & 4 February 2020
Venue: Sydney CBD (Market Street)
Cost: AU $ 960.00 per person

Contact Alison – to book your place
Full details – click for the PDF workshop description

Photo of Alison Hodge leading the Working with Groups programme in Dublin, May 2019