9th August 2016

Full Spectrum Supervision

Edna Murdoch and Jackie Arnold’s book, Full Spectrum Supervision, takes the reader into the heart of reflective practice and provides fascinating insights into the complexities of this transformative work. The book, subtitled, Who You Are Is How You Supervise, offers the reader a unique view of what actually happens in supervision and shares […]
30th June 2016

Goals or outcomes?

A client in supervision the other day asked how I distinguish between goals and outcomes in the context of coaching assignments and contracts, and I found myself considering the following metaphor. I may have a goal that I want to get from London to Edinburgh, and there will be a range […]
30th June 2016

The impact of multi-tasking

I am noticing often at the moment as I walk out on the streets of London that I find myself muttering about how so many people are ‘multi-tasking’. They have earphones on (so are presumably listening to music or radio or maybe having a phone conversation), they are carrying a […]
30th June 2016


So often these days, my clients arrive for our supervision sessions saying they are exhausted, overwhelmed, and ‘all over the place’. Our time together enables them to slow down and process the diverse elements of their lives and their work that they are immersed in and at times overwhelmed by. […]