5th September 2016

Can we work with any clients?

I am struck by a recurring theme at the moment which supervisees bring to our sessions. They share their frustration, boredom, apathy or sometimes even antipathy towards a particular individual who comes to them for coaching. I’m curious about what this may represent across my client group, and what may […]
25th August 2016

A practical guide to supervision

For coaches who are either new to the idea of supervision, or who may be sceptical about it, a new book, Coaching Supervision, gives a definitive guide to the purpose, relevance and value of supervision. The book, by David Clutterbuck, Carol Whitaker and Michelle Lucas, sets out clear guidelines for coaches who want […]
17th August 2016

An online resource for coaching and supervision

We’re living in an increasingly complex and demanding world, which puts a great deal of stress on people who work in senior leadership positions. That in turn has an impact on executive coaches, and highlights how important it is to take care of ourselves by reflecting on our coaching practice. […]
17th August 2016

Listening is at the heart of what we do

What do I do that silences others and what do I do that enables others to bring their voices into the room? I’m becoming increasingly conscious that my supervision clients really value having the space and time to explore and think about their practice and how they are showing up […]