17th August 2016

Listening is at the heart of what we do

What do I do that silences others and what do I do that enables others to bring their voices into the room? I’m becoming increasingly conscious that my supervision clients really value having the space and time to explore and think about their practice and how they are showing up […]
9th August 2016

Integrity, humanity and humility – and Brexit?

A number of my supervision clients have raised the question as to what of the qualities of integrity, humanity and humility our politicians demonstrated in the build up to the Brexit referendum. This reminded me of an inspiring keynote by Lord David Owen at the Ashridge Relational Coaching Conference in June entitled […]
9th August 2016

EMCC Edinburgh conference

Conference: 1-3 March 2017 At the EMCC Conference in Edinburgh in March 2017, I am leading a session called ‘Managing the complexities of multi-stakeholder contracts in coaching assignments.’ The session takes place on 2 March. Whether we’re external coaches or part of an internal coaching team within an organisation, the client/coach relationship […]
30th June 2016

Goals or outcomes?

A client in supervision the other day asked how I distinguish between goals and outcomes in the context of coaching assignments and contracts, and I found myself considering the following metaphor. I may have a goal that I want to get from London to Edinburgh, and there will be a range […]