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Attending to boredom
29th January 2019
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Conferences 2019
6th February 2019

Coming of age in our profession

15th Annual Coaching & Mentoring Research Conference at Oxford Brookes

I was at the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies 15th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Conference at Oxford Brookes in mid-January. It proved to be a thrilling day, as graduates of the university’s masters and doctoral programmes in coaching and mentoring presented a wonderfully eclectic range of research projects.

We heard about Iain Lightfoot’s doctoral findings around events that lead to insight in coaching sessions. And Helene Seiler told us about her inquiry into the value of client-based developmental feedback for coaches, and how it differs from some forms of competence or capability-based feedback from fellow professional coaches or supervisors.

I came away feeling inspired to think that we are coming of age in our profession, with so many coaches, mentors and supervisors investing in their own learning and development at this level, and contributing such rich, evidence-based insight and knowledge to the development of our profession.

Photo: Oxford Brookes University