Research into 1:1 executive reflection
8th July 2020
ICF Australasia 2020 Transform
28th August 2020

Developing a framework of team coaching

In May, I led a virtual session with EMCC Global for team coaches, trainers and supervisors of team coaching to explore the relevance and usefulness of my map representing the dynamics involved in team coaching. The session was consciously presented as a dialogue, rather than a webinar, as I wanted a genuine forum to engage with people working in the field that would contribute to and advance our practice in this rapidly emerging practice.

See below for the recording of the dialogue.

I especially appreciated all the input, thoughts and ideas shared as part of the session, which have led to new developments in the framework map of team coaching I’ve been working on. I’ll be sharing these developments in a follow-up dialogue on 21 July, where we’ll be talking further about the complex factors and elements associated with team coaching. Those joining the session are team coaches, researchers, and professionals who are supervising team coaches.