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29th January 2018
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11th February 2018

EMCC Conference workshop on team coaching supervision

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I’m looking forward to leading a workshop on team coaching supervision at the annual EMCC Coaching and Mentoring Conference in Amsterdam (11-13 April 2018). We’ll be working with the parallel process in group supervision to shed light on what is happening in the organisational system.

In supervision, we are working with issues that our coach/client brings to us. The coach invites us to explore what might be happening to their coaching client and to themselves, and what might be happening between the two of them. The way in which the coach engages with us in supervision may also reflect what is happening in the overall organisational system.

In this experiential demonstration, I’ll be working with a small group of volunteers to explore a specific client situation. We’ll consider what might be happening within the supervision group, and how it reflects any parallel process possibly operating in the coach, client, or organisational system. Working in this way can provide valuable insights into how the coach and coachee are being impacted by the organisational system, and can also give the coach invaluable direction into how they can proceed with their coachee to meet their objectives.

For more information, visit the EMCC Coaching and Mentoring Conference page.

Photo: blachswan under CC BY 2.0