Full Spectrum Supervision
9th August 2016
Integrity, humanity and humility – and Brexit?
9th August 2016

EMCC Edinburgh conference

Conference: 1-3 March 2017

At the EMCC Conference in Edinburgh in March 2017, I am leading a session called ‘Managing the complexities of multi-stakeholder contracts in coaching assignments.’ The session takes place on 2 March.

Whether we’re external coaches or part of an internal coaching team within an organisation, the client/coach relationship is created alongside many other interconnected relationships: HR, line management, coaching sponsor, consultancy sponsor, coaching supervisor. So how do we negotiate these diverse connections to ensure we manage the expectations of everyone as transparently and ethically as possible? In addition to the business contract that needs to be agreed, how do we manage the professional and psychological contracts to ensure our work is effective for our client/s?

In this experiential session, working with a complex case study, there will be the opportunity for people to participate practically. I’ll be exploring the diverse elements involved in co-creating this vital contract between the coach and the coachee alongside all the other contracts that need to be explored and agreed within the wider system.

The EMCC Conference is on 1-3 March 2017. Book here

Photo: University of the Fraser Valley