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30th May 2018
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8th August 2018

Executive reflection in a complex world

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I’m looking forward to presenting a session with Elaine Patterson and Jackie Arnold at next week’s EMCC Research Conference at the University of Chester.

The session title is ‘Exploring the relevance and value of executive reflection’. We’ll be telling the story of what happened in a recent action research study, and sharing our preliminary findings.

In the research project, we engaged 10 dyads (leaders and practitioners) who participated in a number of executive reflection sessions over a six month period. While the final analysis is yet to be completed, what became clear was the significant value of providing clear thinking and reflective space for leaders who are working in a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) and GVD (Global, Volatile and Diverse) world.

In the session we will talk about some of our formative recommendations for leadership development. We will also share our experience as practitioner ‘action researchers’, and how this has informed our own practice and way of working.

The session takes place on Wednesday 11 July at 11.50am. For more information, please visit our EMCC Research Conference page.

Photo by Yogi Atmo on Unsplash