Covid and the contagion of giving
14th October 2020
New CSA programme for supervisors working with groups
5th January 2021

One place remains in a new online supervision group, starting in February 2020

Tree in a forest

Just one place remains open in a new supervision group for executive coaches, consultants and supervisors, which will start meeting online in February. The group will have a maximum of five practitioners as we come together to deepen our reflective practice.

Here are some of the questions we are likely to explore during our work together:

• How can I work best in complex, ‘messy’ organisational systems?

• How do I want to develop myself in my practice through supervision?

• What is the impact of the supervisor-supervisee relationship on my practice with clients?

• How can I keep myself fit for practice?

With a maximum of five people in the group, just one place remains open. We’ll be meeting virtually between six and eight times during the year, for two-hour sessions. The cost for each person is £150 plus VAT per session.

Call or email me to talk about joining the group.

Photo: veeterzy