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Developing self as group coaching supervisor
6th May 2021
New virtual coaching supervision group
10th November 2022

Preparing for the CSA group coaching supervision program

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Over the past few months, Kathryn Downing and I have been very involved in preparing the materials for CSA’s new Certificate in Developing Self as Group Coaching Supervisor.

It’s an exciting process, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming our first cohort from around the globe, with participants coming from the UK, Europe and North America for the first program, which starts in September, and from South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for the second program, beginning in February 2022.

We’ve been preparing for between 12 and 18 participants in each program, because we want maximum interaction and engagement. Everyone will be working with their own live groups, with dialogue sessions where they can review and reflect on the modules in each program. We’re encouraging everyone who is registering to clarify what they’re bringing to the program: what are their learning enquiries? what development edges do they want to explore? how do they see their own development of self as group supervisor?

We’re also going to be sending them the gift of a book by Judi Marshall which underpins our whole approach, First Person Action Research: Living Life as Inquiry.

For anyone interested in joining one of the programs, please find more information and register your interest here: Certificate in Developing Self as Group Coaching Supervisor.

Image: TienDat Nguyen/Unsplash