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30th December 2016
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8th February 2017

The value of group work

Photo of a small group session

As I prepare for two group supervision workshops in Sydney after the holiday break (see details below), I’m starting to reflect on why these workshops give me such pleasure and inspiration. Here are three thoughts…

Firstly, I really love how group supervision workshops give everyone an opportunity to notice and reflect on the impact of the group on how they individually show up in groups. Their patterns, their fears, their hopes and what they may learn about how they ‘manage’ themselves when working in their client groups – all these aspects come to the surface in group work.

Secondly, there is always such a wealth of experience and wisdom, and so many fascinating and diverse perspectives, when a group of professional practitioners comes together. The group setting allows every participant to gain specific, refreshing and relevant insights and awareness for how they can engage with their own client groups afterwards.

And finally, it’s so invigorating to hear about the issues participants are working with in supervision. Each of us realises that we not alone in our practice, because others often have similar experiences in their client work. So there’s a strong feeling of connection and reassurance that ‘my issue’ is actually ‘our issue’, and that enables us to learn together.

One-day workshop in Sydney on 25 January

Two-day workshop in Sydney on 23-24 January

Photo: Chris Casciano