Developing your understanding and skills for team coaching supervision
11th April 2018
Sydney Central Business District
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14th May 2018

Working systemically: Contracting with multi-stakeholders in coaching

I’m looking forward to leading a workshop in Sydney on Tuesday 1 May. If you’re in Sydney that evening, I do invite you to come and have some fun and learning as we explore multi-stakeholder contracting together.

Please book here if you would like to join the workshop.

The question we’ll be exploring is: How do we contract with the array of stakeholders we encounter in a coaching assignment? How do we manage everyone’s expectations as transparently and ethically as possible? We’ll be thinking through the expectations of HR, line management, the coaching sponsor, and the coaching supervisor.

In addition to agreeing the business contract, how do we manage the professional and psychological contract to ensure our work is effective for our clients?

This is going to be an experiential session, working with a live case study, and there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate practically. The key takeaways from the session will be:

• Gaining an understanding of the diverse elements in co-creating the contract between coach and coachee, and other contracts within the wider system

• Working with a model of multi-stakeholder contracting

• Learning what it takes to build effective and transparent contracts

Please book here if you would like to join the workshop.

Event details

Date and time: Tuesday 1st May, 5.30 to 8.00pm. Arrive at 5.30pm for registration. The workshop starts at 6pm for an 8pm finish

Venue: IECL, Level 2, 343 George Street, Sydney (at Martin Place, above the Burberry Store)

Cost: ICF members $55.00, Non-members $75.00

Deadline for booking: Friday 27 April 2018