Supervision enables my practice to constantly evolve

Angela Jopling initially came to Alison for individual supervision with her own supervision practice, but she has also been part of several creative supervision groups with Alison. In this video, she talks about the issues and experiences she brings to supervision, and the ways supervision has helped shaped her practice.

‘Supervision definitely helps me to ground my practice. It helps me keep the momentum, but also to check in every month or so to make sure I'm keeping myself healthy and maintaining myself and my practice in the right way.’


About Angela

Angela Jopling is an accredited leadership coach and coaching supervisor. She has run her own coaching business for 18 years and works with a range of leadership clients exclusively in the corporate world.

Angela works primarily with leaders and sometimes with leadership teams, and also trains internal coaches and supervisors. She loves the opportunity to liberate others from limited thinking, and facilitate leaders to step into their best selves more of the time. As a mother of three daughters, she is passionate about enabling women to play bigger in their lives.

Angela has a degree in Economics, a Masters in Psychotherapy, and is a Master Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching. She is also an accredited coaching supervisor.

Find Angela at Brightstar Coaching and on LinkedIn