8th July 2020

Follow-up session on the complexities of team coaching

On 3 August, I’m facilitating an online follow-up to the workshop I ran at the virtual EMCC Global Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Conference at the beginning of June. In the session, I presented my current thinking in a framework that aims to capture and represent visually the complex factors and […]
8th July 2020

Developing a framework of team coaching

In May, I led a virtual session with EMCC Global for team coaches, trainers and supervisors of team coaching to explore the relevance and usefulness of my map representing the dynamics involved in team coaching. The session was consciously presented as a dialogue, rather than a webinar, as I wanted a genuine forum to engage with […]
1st August 2019
Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

An innovative four-day programme for qualified coaching supervisors

Next year (2021) I’m going to be involved in facilitating an innovative and immersive four-day programme for qualified coaching supervisors. The programme was originally scheduled for March 2020, but is being rescheduled due to the pandemic. I’ll be posting the dates and further details when I have them. Beyond Models, […]