Supervision helps me be the best coach I can be

Julia Henderson has done several different types of supervision with Alison: one-to-one sessions, group supervision, and more recently, supervision on location, with a group visiting both outdoor and indoor public spaces. In this video, she talks about these different forms of work and reflects on the value of supervision for her practice.

‘For me to operate ethically, for me to be at my best, for me to continue to develop as a coach practitioner, supervision is essential. I wouldn't operate as a coach or a team coach without it.’


About Julia

Julia Henderson set up 4wardfocus as a boutique consultancy in 2004 and has focused on executive assessment and development, executive and team coaching, as well as undertaking the occasional interim assignment. She teams up with trusted associates and other consultancies to scale up for large scale project delivery.

She frequently works with leaders in role transition, as well as leaders and professionals in complex and fast paced environments who need a trusted partner and objective sounding board. All her work focuses on personal change, helping clients identify blocks to change, develop confidence, enhance stakeholder management and engagement skills and proactively manage their careers.

Julia has a Masters’ degree in Psychological Coaching and is an accredited EMCC Senior Practitioner level coach.

Find Julia at 4wardfocus and on LinkedIn and Twitter