Supervision feels like really important work to be done

Kathryn Downing started working with Alison in 2014 and has been with her ever since for one-on-one supervision of her own supervision practice. In this video, she talks about the value of the work, especially focusing on contracting in a precise and structured way, and the importance of having your own perspective challenged.

‘As a practitioner, I will be in supervision because it keeps me awake. It makes me more thoughtful, more expansive, more able to engage with my clients, because it gives me a place to process. It gives me a place to explore, to take care of myself, to resource myself.’


About Kathryn

As an executive coach and coaching supervisor Kathryn draws on the knowledge and perspectives gained from 30 years in business and corporate America, almost 10 years of executive coaching experience and three plus years as a coaching supervisor. She comes with a joyous commitment to lifelong learning and her beliefs in the resourcefulness of her clients and the coaches she works with in supervision.

Her leadership experience in business – including as Publisher, CEO and President of the Los Angeles Times – and on the boards and as chair of non-profit organizations, has given her a real world understanding of organization and systems dynamics.

Kathryn is currently a doctoral student at Middlesex University, London working toward her professional doctorate (DProf) in Coaching Supervision. She is affiliated with the Hudson Institute of Coaching as a Coach Supervisor, Hudson Supervision Center; as a member of Hudson External Mentor Coach Team; and as a member of Hudson Leadership Team. She is affiliated with the Coaching Supervision Academy as CSA Faculty, UK & Asia Pacific.

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