This is a place where I can be totally truthful

Liz Ford coaches leaders and managers in organisations, helping them work through their challenges, and she is also a coaching supervisor. In this video, she talks about the importance of reflecting on your work in supervision, and how it enables you to grow in confidence, as you discover how and where you do your best work.

‘For me, supervision is supportive and developmental. It's a place where I can be totally truthful. It's a place for me to bring things I'm concerned about, or where I feel unsure about clients because we’re stuck, or not getting to where we might be getting. It’s a place where I can explore and develop.’


About Liz

Liz Ford is a coach, coach supervisor, group facilitator and trainer with a passion for learning. As a coach, she works with leaders and managers in a variety of organisations, helping them to realise their potential, find their own leadership style, develop their teams and cope with all that life at the top can bring. As a coaching supervisor she enjoys supporting and developing coaches, either working independently or within organisations. Her approach has been described as reflective and creative, as she loves to use images, colour, metaphor and the outdoors in her work.

Liz has a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Supervision, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching. She is an AC Accredited Master Executive Coach, and an AC Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

Find Liz at Ford Consulting and on Twitter