The challenge of coaching

Alison’s supervision clients talk on camera about the challenges and opportunities they face in their coaching practice. What is their experience of coaching individuals and groups, and why is supervision important in helping coaches in their practice? Says Lindsay Wittenberg:

‘I’m not interested in telling people what to do, but I’m very interested in behaving as a catalyst. They achieve their own insights which fundamentally change how they approach their work, their role as a leader, and their lives.’


I think for me a great day is where you feel you have absolutely helped people move on in their thinking and move on in something that they’re doing in their lives.’

Clare Allen

‘check and balance of tracking yourself, tracking where you are emotionally, with what you know, with what you’re using, and how that’s working with your different clients.’

Helen Mundy

‘helps me to feel safe ethically, to check whether I’m behaving ethically. It helps me to broaden my repertoire, to gain and hear the insight of somebody who has insight and wisdom herself.’

Lindsay Wittenberg

Thanks to Clare Allen, Gill Graves, Helen Mundy, Justin Wise and Lindsay Wittenberg for taking part in this video.