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11th December 2017
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9th February 2018

Adolescence: whose problem is it anyway?

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I’m fascinated to see that Diana Shmukler, clinical psychologist, teacher and supervisor, is teaching a programme this July at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults on Adolescence: Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

The course description says: ‘From the children of the “sturm und drang” to the millennials, adolescence has been regarded as life shaping. Clearly the digital age of social media has added an additional layer of complexity for parents and children to confront and navigate. Furthermore the ‘longest decade’ is considered to last from the onset of puberty till about 25, when the brain has fully matured. In addition to looking at the questions adolescents ask themselves and what they need, we will think about the role of adults as the guardians of the future.’

I’m especially interested in the impact of modern technology and social media on brain development in young people, and where it might be taking us. Adolescence might not be your professional area, but if you have children then this could be a creative and enlightening course, especially as one of its aims is to ‘look in depth at the psychological and existential issues that young people confront as they reach maturity’.

Follow this link for more information and booking.

Photo: Emily Flores under CC BY-ND 2.0