Anni Albers tapestry
A group supervision day at Tate Modern
6th December 2018
Group supervision on location
25th January 2019

Sharing our work in live demonstration (video)

Photo of Alison Hodge leading a live demonstration of supervision

During this past year, I’ve led several live demonstrations with small groups of coaches and supervisors before a wider audience. I’ve written before about how live demonstration can lead to deep learning and insight, and I explain more about the experience of working in this way in the video below.

Sharing our work with others and daring to be seen and heard, with all our imperfections and vulnerability, is such a powerful way of realising what we’re doing and why it’s working. It’s different from the feedback we may get from a client.

Thanks to La Fédération des Superviseurs Professionnels (PSF) in Paris, for their permission to use their video of a session I led in Paris in March 2018. Thanks also to Aleksandrs Dunasovs, who filmed the session and allowed me to use his footage.