Photo of animal cards for group work
Modelling openness and curiosity in groups
7th March 2018
Sarah Hill book, Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?
Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?
15th March 2018

Taking the step from blogging to vlogging

For the past 18 months I’ve been exploring what, for me, has been the new world of social media, particularly using Twitter and LinkedIn as a coordinated approach. What I’ve discovered, and in fact enjoyed, is being able to be in contact with my professional community in a new and different way. At the same time, I’m aware that I’m reaching a far wider audience than I might have originally imagined, as I’ve dared to put myself out there. There’s been no way to predict how people might respond or think about what I share, but so far I’ve only been encouraged to continue.

So I’m now taking a new step by starting to vlog – to video blog. And I’m approaching vlogging as a fresh adventure. I’m perhaps more comfortable speaking aloud than writing, so I’m curious about how vlogging may help me share my practice, exchange ideas and learn with my professional networks and beyond. I’ve now launched my own YouTube channel, which sounds exciting, but also feels slightly overwhelming because of its potential reach. But I’m starting from a place of curiosity, and I hope to learn how this approach may impact on me and inform my work.

At this stage, I’ll probably be posting a new reflection once a month. I’ll vlog about key events, the things I’m reading, plus new ideas that influence and inform me as I practise. I’ll also be drawing together themes that recur in my client work in supervision, such as contracting, imposter syndrome, well being, the challenges of working in this 24/7, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world in which we now exist. I look forward to daring to share this with those of you who are curious and interested.