Learning and reflection in group supervision
9th September 2016
Two-day workshop for coaching supervisors
14th September 2016

In Treatment: how we adapt in sharing our story

I’m really enjoying In Treatment, a drama series with Gabriel Byrne as Dr Paul Weston, a psychotherapist. It raises questions for me about how we adapt and edit our experience when sharing our story in supervision with another. While the drama is based on psychotherapeutic relationships, and I work in coaching and coaching supervision, it’s fascinating at a number of levels. It’s great to see a skilled practitioner at work, because we rarely see other practitioners in action working with their clients, except in role play or demonstration.

What is equally compelling is to see how Paul the therapist shows up at supervision and how he modifies, edits and represents his recollections of his patient sessions and the part he plays in the work. I’m really struck by the supervisor (Gina) who shows such commitment and trust in her client Paul, thus creating the safety for him to bring all of himself into the room as they reflect together on his practice and his process.

I’m now wondering: a) how I choose to share my practice with my own supervisor, what enables me to dare to tell the whole story and how I describe my work. And b) how my clients share their coaching experiences with me, what they include, what they exclude, and their selective recollections. I realise with renewed commitment how vital it is to create the container that encourages the coach to bring their whole selves into our work. At the same time, for me the ‘truest’ reality is what is actually going on in the room between us, and how this might inform what may be happening between the coach and their client.

In Treatment is a wonderfully thought provoking series for me. I’m only half way through season 1 and there are two more seasons to go. I’m wondering what else will emerge.