Updated reading resources for team coaching and supervision
24th March 2020
Podcast: Coaches under pressure
30th May 2020

What is happening for us? (video)

’Talking together’ is a series of video conversations between Edna Murdoch and me. It’s our regular dialogue space, where we discuss ideas, tap into trends we’re noticing or books we’re reading, and share themes from our client work and the wider field.

In this fourth conversation, we share our thoughts and feelings about what is happening for us and our clients during this time of coronavirus. How can we be nourished so that we move out of the crisis differently? What do we want to be different? What are we able and willing to let go of? In this time when we’re living through all these questions, we seek to draw nourishment from our shared experience.

In the video, Edna observes: ‘I find I’m using a phrase quite a bit these days – it’s actually the title of a book – slowing down to the speed of life. I find I’ve been slowed down much more to a natural speed, a natural rhythm for my life. That’s provoking a lot of lovely and deep reflection, inviting me to think about my work, my life, and who I am in my work. It’s just a little bit deeper and more subtle, because there’s time now to do this.’

Amidst the fear and uncertainty produced by coronavirus, we also look at how we might frame this time as a golden opportunity. We talk about how our current limitations can be an incredible time of growth for us all. We don’t have to go on a workshop to achieve it. Instead, we’re being given the opportunity to live the enquiry. What does all of this mean for me, and those who matter to me? How does all this affect who I am, and how do I wish to be in the world?