29th November 2017

The hidden dimensions of team coaching supervision

I’ve written an article for the current edition of Coaching Perspectives magazine, the publication of the Association for Coaching. Entitled ‘The hidden dimensions of team coaching supervision’, the article looks at some key elements of team coaching, outlines the knowledge and skills team coaches need, and shows how supervision plays […]
24th November 2017
Photo of post-its on a whiteboard

Action research supervision group starting in February

In February 2018, a new action research supervision group will be starting. Based on my doctoral research inquiry into coaching supervision, we will be taking a fresh approach that is at the forefront of contemporary standards, both leading edge and pioneering. The work we do will be an integration of […]
24th November 2017

Providing the supervision support team coaches need

The times are changing for executive coaches. They’re increasingly being invited to work with senior management in team coaching assignments. The coaches, who might usually work on a one-to-one basis, now find themselves facing challenging (and at times ‘messy’) situations with teams in complex, global organisations. Even if they have […]
2nd November 2017
Photo of shadows cast by a family

‘Family of origin’ and its impact on individual and group work

I’m currently reading Family Therapy by Michael P Nichols and Richard C Schwartz, and I’m finding it very stimulating as I think about my work in supervision. I’m especially picking up the recurring theme of ‘family of origin’, and how this can inform how the coach shows up in supervision, […]
11th September 2017

Time away keeps me fit for purpose

I’ve just returned from virtually a whole month away from work. I started August with a week-long tai ji retreat in Herefordshire which was both calming and revitalising. I left there with my feet firmly on the ground, feeling centred, rested and balanced. I then set off alone for a […]