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9th August 2016
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17th August 2016

Listening is at the heart of what we do

What do I do that silences others and what do I do that enables others to bring their voices into the room?

I’m becoming increasingly conscious that my supervision clients really value having the space and time to explore and think about their practice and how they are showing up with their clients. At times I’m also aware that I can get over-eager to engage with their inquiry and may tend to jump in to add an alternative or complementary perspective and I know that sometimes this is absolutely ‘not ok’, and in fact I am getting in my client’s way.

I want to keep asking myself and my clients this question of what I do that silences them and how do I enable them to bring their voices into the room. As listening is at the heart of their practice with their coachees, so having a space to be listened to and heard can provide real affirmation and generate clarity and understanding in what is happening for them.