Listening is at the heart of what we do
17th August 2016
A practical guide to supervision
25th August 2016

An online resource for coaching and supervision

We’re living in an increasingly complex and demanding world, which puts a great deal of stress on people who work in senior leadership positions. That in turn has an impact on executive coaches, and highlights how important it is to take care of ourselves by reflecting on our coaching practice. Staying resourceful, recharging our batteries and developing our gifts and skills are all essential for us today.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve relaunched my website this week, turning it into an online resource for anyone involved in individual or team coaching, and in supervision work. I’ll be pointing to new resources, sharing the books I’m finding most useful, recommending conferences and training programmes, and exploring the latest thinking from experienced practitioners in the field. The website also has a Reflection area, where I’ll be writing regularly about the issues I’m encountering as I support coaches in my supervision practice.

One development which might be especially interesting for supervisors is the launch of a Team Coaching Supervision programme, which I’m leading with the Coaching Supervision Academy in March 2017. Read more about it here.

The website also includes short videos of several of my clients, who talk about their own coaching experience, as well as how supervision has made a difference to their practice. ‘I’ve gained a sense of identity around being a coach and a sense of pride in that identity of being a coach,’ says Clare Allen. ‘I’ve also gained some very practical skills along the way.’ You’ll find the videos under the How Alison works heading above.

I’ve recently taken the plunge and joined Twitter, which is proving to be a new adventure! If you’re on Twitter, follow me here. Thanks for visiting the website; I hope it will be an ongoing resource for you and your work.