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10th February 2021
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8th April 2021

Talking team coaching supervision

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It was a real pleasure to be invited to contribute on the Team Coaching Podcast hosted by Carissa Bub. The podcast is a project of the Team Coaching Zone, which contributes to the development of team coaching in companies and organizations, through blogs, webinars, resources, and the podcast.

Carissa and I had a really wonderful and creative conversation which focused on team coaching supervision. The conversation is now online in two parts:

Journey into team coaching
Mapping the territory of team coaching

In part 1, we explored the vital importance of team coaching supervision; what the process of supervision involves; the distinction between team and group dynamics; and the issues involved for team coaches who are thinking of becoming a supervisor.

Part 2 focused on my team coaching map, which charts the complex territory of team coaching and supervision. We explored the dynamic forces at play in the team and the organisation; how coaches can navigate the terrain during a client engagement; and developing our clients’ (as well as our own) capacity to be open to change and to what emerges.

Thanks to Carissa and all at the Team Coaching Zone for this opportunity to think out loud about the issues that matter to us all in team coaching supervision.

Image: CoWomen/Unsplash