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Talking team coaching supervision
10th March 2021
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Developing self as group coaching supervisor
6th May 2021

Keeping fit for purpose

I led a workshop in March as part of the EMCC Global Dialogue series for team coaches, trainers and supervisors. We explored the issue of keeping fit for purpose, and the role of group supervision. How do we keep fit for purpose is a good question to ask at any time, but especially at the moment, as we’re currently living through very demanding circumstances, globally, locally, family-wise, and with our clients. See below for the recording of the session.

The subject clearly touched a nerve, because the workshop saw the biggest registration of any EMCC Global Dialogue to date, with over 200 people registering to take part.

I was really encouraged by that, as well as by the level of engagement from everyone who attended the session, with questions, comments and sharing experience. When people came back from their breakout rooms, we gave them time to note down their thoughts in the chat, which really helped us all reflect on what we had been sharing, learning, and creating together.

Some of the comments included:

Sometimes there is a need to ‘educate’ coaches on the value of slowing down; simply ‘being’ without a need to ‘get somewhere’ in supervision.

I read that ’empathy is being able to put yourself into another person’s shoes; compassion is remembering when you wore those shoes.’ That explains how I see myself as a coach supervisor.

For me, it all starts with self awareness, making choices and conscious effort in a deliberate way to take care of self to ensure that I remain ‘fit for purpose’.