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Reflecting on group supervision (video)
8th April 2019
Edna Murdoch and Alison Hodge
Talking together with Edna Murdoch (video)
10th May 2019

A group supervision day at Kew Gardens

Photo of Chihuly glasswork at Kew Gardens

I met with my supervision group yesterday at Kew Gardens, as part of our group supervision on location. Imagine our surprise when we discovered the Chihuly Exhibition was already installed and ready for the official opening on Saturday, 13 April.

So, in among the tulips, the cherry blossom, and the new shoots on the chestnut trees, we discovered Dale Chihuly’s magical glasswork, blending but contrasting with the natural environment. Quite apart from the amazing craftsmanship of his work, we drew inspiration and new insights about our work from these amazing masterpieces. While each of his pieces is unique, they skilfully blend with the flower beds or shrubbery where they appear.

Our day of reflection as we worked in the natural environment was heightened and invigorated by the extraordinary beauty of the artworks. We came away seeking to stay in touch with our childlike excitement and curiosity, evoked by this visit, and to bring it to our client work, with fresh, new insights and enthusiasm.

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