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19th March 2019
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10th April 2019

Reflecting on group supervision (video)

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Group work is on my mind at the moment, as I’m thinking ahead to a two-day development programme I’m leading in Dublin next month (20-21 May), entitled Working with Groups.

I have a client I work with on Skype in supervision, who does a lot of group work. As a coaching supervisor, she talks with me about her group sessions, and what happens in the group, the different dynamics that are occurring between each member of the group, and equally significantly, with her. We explore together not only the case work they might be bringing, but also often the impact these people may be having on her.

Together, we identify her own patterns as group supervisor, or sometimes as a team, and any patterns she is picking up that the individuals in her client groups may be personifying, that are either helping or hindering them as they are going out and working with their clients.

The reflection we do is a dialogue between us, where we are listening for themes and patterns, for what’s working, and identifying new perspectives that may emerge, or that comes from something we didn’t know was going to occur as a result of us being in conversation and exploring together. It’s a talking reflection, that can be extremely valuable and powerful.

For more information and booking on the Dublin development programme for coaching supervisors and executive and team coaches that I’m leading on 20-21 May 2019, please follow this link:

Working with groups: A two-day development programme

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