Photo of Chihuly glasswork at Kew Gardens
A group supervision day at Kew Gardens
10th April 2019
Working with the parallel process in group supervision
15th June 2019

Talking together with Edna Murdoch (video)

Edna Murdoch and Alison Hodge

My close friend and colleague Edna Murdoch and I frequently spend time talking about all the issues that surround supervision, and how it plays out in our lives.

We’ve recently decided we’d like share some of these conversations online in a series of videos. ’Talking together’ is going to be our regular dialogue space, where we’re going to discuss ideas, tap into the trends we’re noticing or the books we’re reading, and share themes we’re picking up in our client work and the wider field.

‘We’ve both worked for a long time now,’ says Edna. ‘What we’ve noticed together is that our field of work is popping the whole time – there’s so much occurring. So in these videos, we want to continue our conversation, and we want to do it in a way where we can free flow. We want to model the way we love to work.’

Our first conversation is about group work, which is so often challenging for supervisors, with its multiple layers of relationship. How can we resource ourselves so that we have a calm mind and clear thinking when we are facilitating groups?