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2nd December 2016
CSA Diploma 2017 open for applications
9th December 2016

Research into team coaching and supervision

David Clutterbuck and I are researching team coaching and the supervision of team coaching. We’ve opened a survey to kick-start research in this very recent field.

Our aim is firstly to understand the dynamics of supervising team coaches and how this differs from supervising coaches in their one-to-one practice; secondly to begin to collect methods, tools and techniques; and thirdly, to establish a future research agenda. We are not, at this stage, asking respondents to adhere to a single definition of team coaching, but for consistency we define team coaching as follows:

Team coaching is focused on a team, with common purpose and interdependencies and as part of a structure, rather than on a group.

Team coaching is a collective activity – that is, it is not just individual coaching for members of the same team (although individual coaching may be an additional activity and/or dimension).

Team coaching is an external intervention, rather than an activity by a team leader.

This international survey is aimed at both team coaches and supervisors working with team coaches across the globe. We will aim to compare and contrast perceptions and experiences, where possible.

You can access the survey here. It will only take a few minutes to complete. Please see this participant information sheet to answer some of the questions you may have.

Please also forward the survey to any colleagues, for whom you think it will be relevant.

The survey closes on 10 January 2017.

Photo: NEC Corporation of America