Sydney workshops for coaching supervisors
22nd November 2016
Research into team coaching and supervision
7th December 2016

Shedding light through relational supervision

I attended a terrific experiential workshop which Helena Hargaden facilitated at the Supervisors’ Conference in Bristol recently.

In her very thought-provoking, newly published book, The Art of Relational Supervision: Clinical implications of the use of Self in Group Supervision, she explores how the group process in supervision can highlight the internal or ‘unconscious’ world of the practitioner who is presenting their client work.

She invites members of her supervision groups to share their experience of being in group supervision and working at relational depth, and at the same time shares her own path as the supervisor and the impact of bringing her own experience, thoughts and feelings into the room.

I was inspired by her description of working this way and how the group’s process with and between each other can shed such insight on the client/practitioner relationship.