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11th September 2017
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11th December 2017

The hidden dimensions of team coaching supervision

I’ve written an article for the current edition of Coaching Perspectives magazine, the publication of the Association for Coaching. Entitled ‘The hidden dimensions of team coaching supervision’, the article looks at some key elements of team coaching, outlines the knowledge and skills team coaches need, and shows how supervision plays a vital role in supporting this work.

Here’s an extract from what I say:

Executive coaches, often most accustomed to one-to-one coaching assignments, are now becoming increasingly engaged in team coaching interventions in organisations.

And yet there is a paucity of research-based evidence and literature to inform our appreciation of the complex range of methods and skills which team coaches now require to facilitate this fascinating, challenging and arguably new practice.

What team coaches are seeking and value is a safe place to stand back from the client team to identify the patterns and themes that emerge. Supervision also provides the platform for the coach to identify new ways to take the team forward.

For the complete article, please visit Coaching Perspectives.

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Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg under CC BY 2.0