A reading list for team coaching, group facilitation and supervision
4th October 2023
A reading list for team coaching, group facilitation and supervision
4th October 2023

New virtual supervision group starting in May 2024 with new time zone!

My invitation in December to join a supervision group has resulted in the February group now being complete.

From May 2024, I’ll therefore be starting a new supervision group. This group may be of interest to those who prefer to work in the mornings (UK/Europe) or who are based in the APAC time zone. If you’d like to join some experienced coaches and supervisors to explore and reflect on different aspects of your personal and professional development, themes that may arise include:

• What is the coaching/supervision development edge that I want to explore for myself?
• How can I work best in complex, ‘messy’ organisational systems?
• What is the impact of our supervisor-supervisee relationships on my practice with my clients?
• How can I keep myself fit for practice?

We’ll explore recurring themes, give and receive feedback around your client issues and your own personal presence. Sometimes we’ll draw on what is happening in the group to inform us about your clients and the systems they are working in. The group will enable you to recharge your batteries in the supportive learning environment we co-create. I really want the learning space to be open and for you to feel free to explore whatever you need to in order to return to your work refreshed and resourced.

Practical details

We will meet as a group of up to seven practitioners including me, for 8 x 2 hour virtual sessions via Zoom over a period of 12 months at 08.00-10.00am GMT. Here are the dates. They may change depending on your availability:


28 May
23 July
25 September
19 November


28 Jan
18 March
13 May
15 July

All at 8am UK time

The group is likely to come from a wide location base, so sessions will run from 08.00am-10.00am UK time.


The fee for each session is £180.00 (+ VAT if UK based) per person, with the total cost of £1440.00 (+ VAT if UK based) per person for the year.

If these dates don’t work for you but you would like to join a group with me, please message me here and we can have a chat.

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