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27th June 2016
30th June 2016

Multi-stakeholder contracting in coaching

The AC UK Conference in September 2016 includes an experiential workshop which I am running. Here’s the conference description: We all operate in many different systems. Coaches coach within systems. Human beings live and work within systems. We are a system! This conference brings together different strands of thought around how we can recognise and operate better within our systems.

My session looks at multi-stakeholder contracting. Whether we’re external coaches or part of an internal coaching team within an organisation, the client/coach relationship is created alongside many other interconnected relationships: ­HR, line management, coaching sponsor, consultancy sponsor, coaching supervisor.

So how do we negotiate these diverse connections to ensure that we manage the expectations of everyone as transparently and ethically as possible? In addition to the business contract that needs to be agreed, how do we manage the professional and psychological contract to ensure our work is effective for our clients?

For this experiential session, we’ll be working with a complex case study, with the opportunity for everyone to participate practically.

Title: Multi-stakeholder contracting in coaching
Conference: In the System: the AC UK Conference 2016
Location: Kings College, London
Date: Thursday 1 September 2016
Booking: Follow this link

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