Multi-tasking, mindfulness and tai-ji
4th May 2017
A key book for facilitators and supervisors working with groups
12th June 2017

Sharing team coaching supervision research at the International Supervision Conference

I’m looking forward to sharing a session with David Clutterbuck at the Oxford Brookes International Supervision Conference next week (13 May). We’re going to be talking about the early results for the Team Coaching Supervision Survey we’ve been conducting. See the conference programme for details about the day, and book online here.

While there’s growing literature on supervising coaches in general, there’s almost none on supervising team coaches. Based on our recent survey into this practice, David and I will present the key findings that have emerged from the first phase of our research. We’ll be offering further understanding of the dynamics of supervising team coaches and how this differs from supervising coaches in their one-to-one practice.

The session will be an opportunity to consider what conceptual models might best help supervisors as they supervise team coaches, addressing the complex dynamics of working with intact teams. We’ll be exploring the most common issues team coaches bring to supervision, and how supervisors have been able to help (or not).

Oxford Brookes International Supervision Conference
13 May 2017

Photo: sean dreilinger