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29th January 2018
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EMCC Conference workshop on team coaching supervision
9th February 2018

Sydney workshops for coaches and supervisors

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I’m going to be in Sydney between 23 April and 9 May this year, and plan to offer two experiential workshops. Here are the details, and I’ll be posting more detail about both these workshops in February.

Experiential workshop for coaching supervisors
26-27 April 2018, Sydney

Based on conversation with a number of coaching supervisors over recent months, our theme for this workshop is likely to be around group and team coaching supervision, and how you as a supervisor bring yourself to group work. You may like to have a look at this link to a workshop I led recently, to get an idea of the areas we are likely to be exploring.

Experiential workshop for executive coaches
7-8 May 2018, Sydney

Based on the recurring themes that coaches bring to supervision, our theme for this workshop will focus around contracting with multiple stakeholders and contracting for team and group coaching.

If you are at all interested in either or both of these workshops, please get in touch here, and we’ll add your name to the list, with no obligation at this stage. There will be more details about the approach, content, location and costs in February, when you can decide whether you’d like to book on either the programmes.

Photo: The Natural Step Canada under CC BY 2.0