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29th June 2017
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3rd July 2017

A survey into team coaching supervision

Late in 2016, David Clutterbuck and I set up a survey into team coaching and the supervision of team coaching. We presented the results of the survey at the EMCC Annual Research Conference in June 2017.

This survey was stimulated by a project to produce the first handbook of team coaching. In researching the topic of supervising team coaches, we discovered that there was very little substantive literature (and not even much in the way of anecdote) to throw light on when, where and how team coach supervision took place, the methods used, or indeed on any of the questions that would normally be applied to a professional practice.

We designed the survey to provide a foundation level of information, on which future more specific research could be built.

Follow the link below to download the survey results:

Resource: Team Coaching Supervision Survey