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9th September 2016
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10th September 2016

Learning and reflection in group supervision

Webinar: 16 September 2016

I’m leading a webinar with the International Centre for Reflective Practice in September, with a choice of sessions in the morning or afternoon, UK time.

However confident a coach may feel going to meet their client, coming to group supervision can trigger all sorts of anxieties and tensions at the thought of sharing their practice with a supervisor and with other colleagues in a group setting.

Family history, early school experiences and other group contexts all feed into how people come together in groups, especially learning groups. It is vital that as supervisors we are aware and can attend to all the practical, professional and psychological elements that may impact on how coaches come into the group and how can we as supervisors build their confidence and fluency to make the most of this generative learning environment.

This participative workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore and engage in an active inquiry into how to create the safety and trust that will allow their supervisees to make the most of this powerful and exciting learning platform.

Title: Enabling learning and reflection to flourish in group supervision
Webinar: International Centre for Reflective Practice
Date: Friday 16 September 2016
Times: 9am and 3pm GMT
Booking: For more information and to book a place, visit here.

Photo: jeanbaptisteparis