Sarah Hill book, Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?
Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?
15th March 2018
Developing your understanding and skills for team coaching supervision
11th April 2018

What is happening to conversation?

What is happening to conversation?

How is digitisation affecting our being with ourselves, being with each other, and being able to pay quality attention to our supervisees?

What is happening now to our capacity for dialogue?

We have many means of communicating: texting, email, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, What’s App, Viber, and Snapchat. All are possible ‘on the run’, whether we’re sitting on the tube, or walking along the street.

These questions, and the amazing video above, form the basis of a workshop Edna Murdoch and I are running at the Severn Talking Therapy day conference in Birmingham this weekend. Find out more about our workshop, Advanced Dialogue Process for Supervisors, and about the conference.

Video: This is Our World, an animation by Steve Cutts