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3rd April 2018
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17th April 2018

Developing your understanding and skills for team coaching supervision

Bookings are now open for the Team Coaching Supervision Development Programme, which takes place in London this autumn.

Now in its third consecutive year, this powerful development programme, which I’m leading in collaboration with the Coaching Supervision Academy faculty, is for qualified and practising coach supervisors who want to develop and deepen their approach to team or group coaching supervision.

I’m leading a preliminary webinar on 5 June 2018 (at 6pm), when you can explore some of your supervision of team coaches, and find out whether the programme is a good fit for you.

Contact me here if you would like to attend the webinar or book on the programme.

The programme, which runs between September and November 2018, consists of two x 2-day workshops in a Central London venue, plus an online webinar in October. More details about the webinar, the programme and how to book your place are available here. The approach we take includes experiential exercises, group process, live supervision demonstrations, practical application, personal reflection, and some background reading.

Coach supervisors will benefit in several ways. Together, we will:

• Deepen our understanding of the complex elements of team coaching supervision

• Develop our knowledge and skill of applying a range of supervision models and theories to the team coaching context

• Explore and practise how we engage with others, and how we facilitate in group settings, which will inform how we supervise team coaches

Contact me here if you would like to attend the webinar or book on the programme.

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg under CC BY 2.0