20th June 2019
Photo of workshop led by Alison Hodge

Sydney workshop in February 2020

I’m looking forward to being in Sydney again in February 2020. I’ll be offering a two-day workshop for experienced coaches and coaching supervisors on 3 and 4 February. The workshop will be based around groups, group facilitation and the impact that groups have on us as practitioners. This will be […]
10th May 2019
Edna Murdoch and Alison Hodge

Talking together with Edna Murdoch (video)

My close friend and colleague Edna Murdoch and I frequently spend time talking about all the issues that surround supervision, and how it plays out in our lives. We’ve recently decided we’d like share some of these conversations online in a series of videos. ’Talking together’ is going to be […]
10th April 2019
Photo of Chihuly glasswork at Kew Gardens

A group supervision day at Kew Gardens

I met with my supervision group yesterday at Kew Gardens, as part of our group supervision on location. Imagine our surprise when we discovered the Chihuly Exhibition was already installed and ready for the official opening on Saturday, 13 April. So, in among the tulips, the cherry blossom, and the […]
8th April 2019
Photo by gdsteam - http://flic.kr/p/pyu8ce

Reflecting on group supervision (video)

Group work is on my mind at the moment, as I’m thinking ahead to a two-day development programme I’m leading in Dublin next month (20-21 May), entitled Working with Groups. I have a client I work with on Skype in supervision, who does a lot of group work. As a […]