4th November 2019

When the client says, ‘do it our way’

What did I learn from leading a workshop on multi-stakeholder contracting at the ICF Converge 2019 conference in Prague recently? The workshop (pictured above) was an experiential session, working with a complex case study. It explored how the client-coach relationship is created alongside many other interconnected relationships, including HR, line […]
5th October 2019

Taking supervision into the great outdoors (video)

’Talking together’ is a series of video conversations between Edna Murdoch and me. It’s our regular dialogue space, where we discuss ideas, tap into trends we’re noticing or books we’re reading, and share themes from our client work and the wider field. Our second conversation is about taking supervision groups […]
26th September 2019

Mapping the dynamics of team coaching

In the past few years, it has become evident to team coaches and those who supervise them that the practice of team coaching often presents challenges that are significantly more demanding and complex than anything which emerges in one-to-one coaching. David Clutterbuck and I carried out an online research survey in 2017, […]
17th July 2019

New virtual coaching supervision group starts this September

From September, I’m starting a new virtual coaching supervision group for 4-5 professional coaches/supervisors. We’ll be exploring and reflecting on different aspects of your coaching/supervision practice and professional development. Themes that may arise include: • What can I learn about myself from being in the group that might inform what […]