28th January 2019
Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

The value of an academic approach (video)

I finished my doctoral research project about four years ago now and before I embarked on it, I saw myself very much as a practitioner. An academic was remote, untouchable and in ivory towers, in libraries or in academic environments. But through engaging in my project, I was able to […]
25th January 2019

Group supervision on location

More and more of us, as coaches and supervisors, are taking our clients out of their comfortable or familiar office environments into the open air, into nature, walking and talking, exploring and discussing, moving towards outcomes and goals, both literally and metaphorically. From Aristotle to the present day, people have […]
14th December 2018
Photo of Alison Hodge leading a live demonstration of supervision

Sharing our work in live demonstration (video)

During this past year, I’ve led several live demonstrations with small groups of coaches and supervisors before a wider audience. I’ve written before about how live demonstration can lead to deep learning and insight, and I explain more about the experience of working in this way in the video below. […]
6th December 2018
Anni Albers tapestry

A group supervision day at Tate Modern

I’ve been working with a group of five executive coaches in group supervision for the past year. We usually meet in a regular office space for short days together six times a year, but for our final session, we decided to take a new approach. We visited Tate Modern to […]