1st March 2017

Learning to facilitate creative collaborations in teams

The next Artgym Academy group facilitation programme starts on 22 September, and applications for the course are now open. Artgym is offering a one-year, part-time diploma course, leading to an Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Transformation. The qualification will enable participants to design and facilitate creative collaborations in teams, organisations and […]
17th February 2017

Bringing childhood relationships to work

An article by Roger Jones in the Harvard Business Review, The Family Dynamics We Grew Up with Shape How We Work, raises fascinating questions about how we bring behaviours we learned in childhood into our working relationships. Says Jones: ‘Research has shown that our early family experiences often re-emerge in […]
9th February 2017

A conversation around team coaching: is it really new?

As a coaching supervisor, I am increasingly finding that clients are bringing not only their one to one coaching practice to our sessions, but also their team interventions. The coaches refer to these projects as ‘team coaching’, but from closer scrutiny, there seem to be significant similarities with what have […]
8th February 2017

Writing down and opening up

One of the books I’m reading and enjoying at the moment is Opening Up by Writing It Down, an introduction to expressive writing as a way of processing deeply felt personal experiences or problems. The book subtitle sets out the essential promise of the book as ‘How expressive writing improves health […]