21st March 2017

Smartphones, likes, addiction and trekking

Like 6 million other people, I found Simon Sinek’s recent video interview on YouTube entertaining, thoughtful and challenging. Sinek is a speaker and author, and writes about leadership. In the video, he talks about how millennials (people born between the early 80s and the late 90s, many of whom are […]
10th March 2017

Managing the web of practical, psychological and professional contracts

I led an experiential workshop last week at the EMCC Conference in Edinburgh, exploring some of the key themes we often reflect on in supervision. The workshop explored how the client-coach relationship lives alongside many other interconnected relationships: HR, line management, coaching sponsor, consultancy sponsor, coaching supervisor. How do we […]
1st March 2017

Learning to facilitate creative collaborations in teams

The next Artgym Academy group facilitation programme starts on 22 September, and applications for the course are now open. Artgym is offering a one-year, part-time diploma course, leading to an Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Transformation. The qualification will enable participants to design and facilitate creative collaborations in teams, organisations and […]
17th February 2017

Bringing childhood relationships to work

An article by Roger Jones in the Harvard Business Review, The Family Dynamics We Grew Up with Shape How We Work, raises fascinating questions about how we bring behaviours we learned in childhood into our working relationships. Says Jones: ‘Research has shown that our early family experiences often re-emerge in […]