13th September 2018
Photo of Alison Hodge leading a live demonstration of supervision

How live demonstration leads to deep learning and insight

Ten years ago, whenever I heard someone was doing a live demonstration in coaching, I would think, ‘Wow, how incredible!’ It was fantastic to see another professional working, and I wondered whether I could ever dare to do this. What I was fearful for was whether I could be ‘perfect’ […]
8th August 2018

Making sure we are fit for purpose

For the last three or four summers I’ve taken several weeks off, and it’s now become a must-do. I usually go for a tai-ji retreat in Herefordshire, full of fresh air, meditation and tai-ji practice, which is about balance, feet on the ground, and flow. From there I have often […]
6th July 2018
Photo by Yogi Atmo on Unsplash

Executive reflection in a complex world

I’m looking forward to presenting a session with Elaine Patterson and Jackie Arnold at next week’s EMCC Research Conference at the University of Chester. The session title is ‘Exploring the relevance and value of executive reflection’. We’ll be telling the story of what happened in a recent action research study, […]
30th May 2018
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Join a webinar on group coaching and supervision

If your practice includes group and team coaching, or supervising team coaches, then you’re very welcome to join a free, one hour webinar I’m leading next Tuesday, 5 June, at 6pm. During the webinar, I’ll be inviting everyone involved to share the issues they work with in the area of […]