12th June 2017

A key book for facilitators and supervisors working with groups

I’m halfway through reading Group Action by T Martin Ringer. It’s the first book in a while that has resonated so strongly with me, and I’m enjoying taking notes and capturing the key elements. The book is an insightful and comprehensive exploration of how groups work, and the role of […]
4th May 2017

Sharing team coaching supervision research at the International Supervision Conference

I’m looking forward to sharing a session with David Clutterbuck at the Oxford Brookes International Supervision Conference next week (13 May). We’re going to be talking about the early results for the Team Coaching Supervision Survey we’ve been conducting. See the conference programme for details about the day, and book […]
4th May 2017

Multi-tasking, mindfulness and tai-ji

I was away over Easter for a week of tai-ji in Switzerland. I’ve been working with tai-ji for 20 years now, beginning with a workshop in Turkey I was invited to one summer called Touching Stillness. In the olive groves and mountains of Turkey, we did actually touch stillness. What […]
21st March 2017

Smartphones, likes, addiction and trekking

Like 6 million other people, I found Simon Sinek’s recent video interview on YouTube entertaining, thoughtful and challenging. Sinek is a speaker and author, and writes about leadership. In the video, he talks about how millennials (people born between the early 80s and the late 90s, many of whom are […]